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Application for Membership

Become a Member of the Moriches Yacht Club!

As a new member, you must serve a probationary period as an “Annual” member prior to consideration by the Board of Governors for “Owner” member status.

Annual membership status shall entitle the member(s) and dependent children, up to and including the age of 24, residing in the member’s household to the facilities of the Club. Annual members shall not have voting privileges and are prohibited from holding any elective office or chair position. Renewal of membership will be considered each year by the Board of Governors.

2023 Membership Fee Schedule:

Annual Dues: $1,350.00
Sales Tax: $116.44
GSBYRA Dues: $7.00
New Member Initiation Fee: $300.00
Dinner Meeting Voucher: $125.00*

Total Due with Application: $1,898.44

*When your dues are paid, you will receive a dinner meeting punch card that can be used for any food costs at dinner meetings.


Please note that all applications must be PROPOSED AND SECONDED BY CURRENT YACHT CLUB MEMBERS to finalize membership.

Once the completed form is received, you will be contacted to set up a membership interview at the Yacht Club.

NOTE: Falsification of any fact or information herein contained will subject applicant(s) to subsequent rejection or expulsion.

First Applicant Info

Second Applicant Info



Submit at least two names with phone numbers.

Boat Information

I am the owner or part owner of the boat described below (if applicable):


Please list any special talents that you have that would be of interest to the Club, such as cooking, plumbing, electrician, gardener, carpenter, etc.